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Visionaries Team


Curtis L. Baker, President

Curtis has a love and compassion for people, and is committed to seeing the mission of Visionaries International fulfilled. He is a creative leader with 30 years’ experience pastoring churches, leading organizations and coaching leaders. He holds a bachelor’s degree in religion and a master of ministry, both from Southwestern Christian University. Curtis is a master preacher/teacher and enjoys encouraging pastors. He is most at home, however, in the remote places of underdeveloped countries, meeting with Visionaries associates and exploring new opportunities.

Karlene Arthur, Coordinator of Operations

Karlene has an attention for detail and organization, and manages daily operations for Visionaries International. She has worked and served in the Christian nonprofit arena her entire life. She has a bachelor’s degree in Christian leadership and a master of ministry, both from Southwestern Christian University. At the age of 49, Karlene made trips to Latin America and Haiti that changed her forever. That same year she left a 20-year accounting job with a church organization to join the work of Visionaries full-time. She enjoys her work in the home office and loves opportunities to visit the work and people of Visionaries around the world.

E. Leroy Baker, Founder & President Emeritus

Leroy’s expertise and knowledge in the areas of fund raising, missions and administration continue to be an asset to Visionaries today. His career in ministry has spanned 50+ years and includes pastoring, church planting, leading ministers and churches, college president, professor, development director, leading mission trips to Mexico, Alaska, numerous Latin American countries, Africa, and serving as planner and guide on over a dozen trips to the Holy Land. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Southwestern Christian University, a masters and doctorate in religious studies from Florida International, and an honorary doctorate from Southwestern Christian University.

Caleb & Lacey Baker, Latin America Ministries

Caleb and Lacey have a desire and motivation to share the love of God while working to assist and establish educational institutions. Caleb, fluent in Spanish, taught school in Latin America and currently teaches at university level in the US. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in communication studies from Sam Houston State University with an emphasis in linguistics. Lacey has a bachelor’s in communication and journalism, and a master’s in leadership, education and communications, both from Texas A & M University. She serves as Social Media Specialist for Visionaries. Caleb and Lacey enjoy taking teams to Latin America and also manage the 3G Network Ministries project.

Vung Cing, Asia Ministries

Vung Cing is the founder and bishop of Myanmar Lighthouse Mission Churches, a ministry that serves refugees in the USA, Malaysia, Canada and Australia. She pastors a growing church in Austin, Texas, which ministers to the refugee community there. She is an evangelist and shares the message of the gospel of Jesus wherever she goes. God called her to preach while living as a refugee in the jungle of Malaysia, having fled her home country because of religious persecution. She recently completed an associate’s degree in theology studies.


There are numerous individuals in locations around the world, who have chosen to “partner” with Visionaries International. In most cases, these individuals have established their own work or ministry, or are in the process of doing so. We have come alongside them as a friend, encourager and supporter. These “national” partners and colleagues share a common vision and play an active role in the daily mission of Visionaries. They are serving in Singapore, Brazil, Myanmar, Colombia, Jerusalem, Mexico, China, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Thailand, and other locations, as God continues to open up doors of opportunity.