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Missions & Missionaries (Helpers)

The mission of Visionaries International includes “helping the helpers in Christian service.” These helpers are most often serving in extremely challenging locations; the places where most do not care to go. Our role is to be a friend, encourager and supporter. We do not take credit for the work or success of the helpers, but we do rejoice with them in what God allows them to accomplish. Here are some of those we are helping today.

Visionaries International Caleb Baker

Caleb Baker (3G Network Ministry)

Caleb Baker is a missionary and educator with a passion and vision for Latin America. He spent a term teaching English, Bible and music classes in Barranquilla, Colombia in 2010. He returned to Colombia in May, 2011, as part of a medical mission’s team. Caleb holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, and will soon complete a Masters in Communication Studies from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He is anxious to complete his education and return to Colombia, where his bilingual skills have opened doors of opportunity to continue educating children and sharing the love of God. Caleb also serves Visionaries International as Director of Latin American Ministries for the organization. We are proud to support Caleb and his vision for Latin America.

Cartagena Feeding Program (Colombia)

In the Barrio Nelson Mandela of Cartagena, Colombia, there are an estimated 50,000 people who have been displaced from their lives and homes by Colombia’s war. Thousands of these are children forced to live on the streets. They are refugees, homeless, and many without parents – the casualty of a country torn by decades of civil unrest. Pastor Rosiris Gonzalez of Ministerio Sendero De Salvacion founded and directs Colombia Meals and Cures for Kids, a program that feeds the street children in the Barrio 4 days a week, while providing supervised, educational activities. Visionaries International has partnered with Colombia Meals and Cures for Kids to finance the feeding of at least 50 children every month. Pastor Rosiris needs our assistance to carry out her dream of helping these street children in the Barrio Nelson Mandela. Help us help these children to survive their current situation, and find hope for a brighter future.

James and Theresa (China)

James and Theresa, US citizens, lead a church of several hundred international students in Dalian, China. Due to the governmental structure, we cannot reveal their last name, but this is their story. “Most of the students come from third-world countries to attend medical school. While in China they begin attending our church. After graduating they go home to practice medicine and win others to Christ. Many of the students accept a call to the ministry and become ordained before they go back home.” The only financial support James and Theresa receive is from the tithe of the students who attend the church. They feed the students one meal a week, on Sundays, as many of the students are far from home, lonely and have little money. Doors have also opened to James in North Korea, the most closed nation on earth. The government has asked him for humanitarian assistance with various situations, such as an orphanage of 1,000 children who are in dire need of food and basic necessities. Visionaries is committed to assisting James and Theresa with their personal support, helping to feed the medical students in Dalian, and raising funds for the humanitarian ministry in North Korea.

Myanmar Lighthouse Mission (International)

The Myanmar Lighthouse Mission was founded by Bishop Mrs. Vung Cing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rev. Cing and her family left Myanmar (Burma) to escape what is said to be one of the world’s most repressive and abusive military regimes. While living as a Myanmese refugee herself, experiencing the same questions, dangers and lack of all refugees, Cing heard the call of God to help others. Today she is living and pastoring in Texas, and oversees the entire network of Myanmar Mission Churches. Bishop Cing returned to Malaysia in early 2011 to revisit the congregations, refugee school and leadership training program she left behind. There are now multiple Myanmar Lighthouse congregations in Malaysia, serving the estimated 1 million Myanmese refugees living there. Church pastors educated and trained during their stay in Malaysia receive visas to live in the US, Australia, Canada and other nations. When they settle in a new country, they establish a Myanmar Lighthouse for refugees in the area. Visionaries has partnered with Myanmar Lighthouse to assist with costs of travel, renting worship facilities, Bibles feeding programs, oversees conferences and outreach teams.